Widgets for websites:

In an email from T. Boone Pickens a few days ago, he mentioned adding a new page on his website containing widgets to help track the progress of his energy plan. They are free to use on any one or all of your websites. This would be a great way to link to his website like you once talked about, plus it is a positive thing in the eyes of the search engines to use them. If you would still like a link to his website from yours, take a look at his page and select the widget you want.



Mac (Apple) Laptops:


The following 3 laptop configurations below are on sale now at significant savings (sale prices can change or ended without notice). The savings, if we catch them, will allow me to add necessary software (to replace essential software -- such as Microsoft Office -- with the Mac version), an extended warranty (3 years total), and shipping to each laptop while keeping the total cost at or just under its regular retail price. As always, there are many other configurations and price ranges available if you don't like what you see below.


During the research for these laptops, their prices, and the Mac operating system itself (the latest version is known as "Mac OS X v10.5.4 Leopard"), I've run across some useful links that should be helpful in considering making the switch from PC to Mac and then actually making the switch. They are:


(Links below are going to open in a new window to make life a little easier on you...)

A. A guided tour from Apple on their latest operating system

B. Questions a first-time Mac owner may have about a Mac computer and the conversion process from PC to Mac

C. More detailed information about the Apple MacBook Pro laptop family

D. Learn about "iWork '09", Apple's version of Microsoft Office





I am also looking into acquiring a free trial of the Mac operating system to check it out first. The retail cost of each licensed copy of the "OS X 10" operating system is $119 or $199. I don't yet know what the difference is... (Everything, and I do mean everything, is different on a Mac. It'll likely be quite some time before I can start to give you intelligent, full answers to any questions you may have about Mac computers and their software programs.)


Their software comes with the following pieces of software (in addition to the operating system):

Their version of Microsoft's Office software is called "iWork '09". It is 100% fully compatible with Office. Converting your existing data and creating new documents so that people without Mac computers can read them using Apple's office software won't be an issue (so says their website).........  (The software is available for a FREE 30-day trial from Apple's website.)


Now, the laptop quotes:



1. Apple MacBook Pro MB166LL/A (17" Screen) - retail price $2,800.00


0.98 inch (2.50 cm)


15.47 inches (39.3 cm)


10.51 inches (26.7 cm)


6.6 pounds (2.99 kg)